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My, it's been a long while, no?

Things have been IN-FUCKING-SANE. This has been shaping up to be the Semester from Hell what with my predictable struggles in Statistics and that I seem to be pulling all-nighters all the time. I'm tired and punchy just about all the time and while that's made for highly interesting times during Lit Mag {the more exhausted I am, the less of a filter I have and considering the accidental comic gold we've had submitted this semester, I pretty much never stop talking}, this spells bad things in the Everything Else department. Namely in making it so I manage to lock myself out of my apartment and being very VERY late for work and in being so smart as to not realize that the clocks in the math lab are wrong (thus making me very VERY VERY late for work).
It's frustrating too because my manager doesn't appear to believe me. Last week was just one of those Murphy's Law sort of weeks where everything, improbably, went totally wrong.

BUT! A glimmer of hope! We had a snow today, so I got to catch up my sleep and do some work I was behind on. I'm still doing some stuff as I realized halfway into an english paper that I was doing it all wrong, but whatever. Small improvements, right?

Anyhoodle, this totally made me choke on my cereal. I think my favorite is, "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everythi… Holy shit! ZOMBIES!"
Faith should get on making this right quick. Kthanks.
Coming in at an awesome close second? The fact that they're making Pride and Predjudice and Zombies. Holy wow, yes!

Speaking of... FAITH! You and I need to talk soon. We keep missing each other and I've been terrible about getting back to you (see above) and we have all sorts of things to discuss.

So, I'm going to go back to my paper, Wish me luck! I might pull an all-nighter and catch up on sleep by going to bed at like... 4 in the afternoon or something.
Healthy, right?

I Love Everything and Everyone

God, I have had a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad week. Aside from sleeping through my alarms/turning them off in half-sleep and missing classes, work has been grueling. I'm more or less in a constant state of "tired" lately. I was supposed to be at a budget hearing yesterday to help pack the SGA room with more lit mag people to make sure we have money to print. I was personally hoping I could use the phrase "the only thing that wins awards around here," but alas, I had written down the wrong building so I was wandering around so lost and confused. I feel really bad about that as the professor is an amazing woman and she really wanted everyone's support, so I sent her a very apologetic email.
Teal deer: I'm even diztier when tired.

SO ANYWAY. Can we talk about Twilight for like the 486034856056th time? No, no, I have something new aside from "Tee hee the movie looks like balls." I mean, it still does, but had any of you heard a while back that Meyer was talking about re-writting the series from Edward's perspective? Well she was. And then she wrote an unedited first chapter. Which, first of all: WOW. Just read it. It's kind of amazing.

But it gets so much better. So, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been pretty vocal about how they're really uncomfortable with the Twihards and Meyer and the whole thing {which effectively means no other movies}. And Meyer, who wins this century's Misplaced Wish Fulfillment Award, has been creaming all over Pattinson because Edward is her ideal {with Bella as her self-insert}, calling his performance "Oscar-worthy" and all sorts of nonsense. BUT BEFORE ALL THIS? She had given her unedited stuff over to Pattinson to help him better understand his character that he really, really hates. So what did he do?

FUCKING LEAKED IT. Oh my god, I am forever in love with him now. I don't care that he can't EVER seem to take a good photograph and he seems kind of cracked out 80% of the time. That is awesome. So Meyer got so upset that she canceled the book indefinitely.

One side of me is all THANK GOD because I don't want her milk another penny out of her non-talents {like that Eragon asshole}. But the other side of me is pining for what could have been. Could you imagine?

Also? Read the ED page about the series. It's fantastic. I learned that Meyer actually addressed one of my questions about the whole vampire/mortal set-up: what happens when Bella gets her period? Wouldn’t Edward like… lose it? Apparently, and surprisingly, she thought this out: it’s “dead blood” so it just makes him a little uncomfortable. Good to know!
Still unanswered: is sex with him, which is written about SO MUCH, so I’m not insane for wondering this, like fucking an icicle? I mean… Edward’s supposed to be ice-cold like all the time.

So yeah. That made me really happy.

If McCain Wins, I Am Giving Up On Life

Second post of the day, promise to shut up after this.
I've made no secret of my issues with the McCain/Palin ticket and all their massive failings and problems. Not to mention: Palin is useless.

I have nothing more to say aside from offering these two links:

McCain was a petty, unprofessional, un-presidential ass at the debate. Here are the clips {Calling Obama "that one" and refusing to shake his hand after the debate}.

Everything I feel about McCain's public actions, but put in a far more eloquent and collected way.

I think this speaks for itself.
Two notes though: 
1.They make the absolutely lovely Kristen Stewart look doll-like in the most awkward, dead-eyed way.
2. Seriously, does the make-up team hate Robert Pattinson? Did he kill all of their dogs? Sleep with their spouses? This is even worse than last time's coke addict romance novel. This time? Completely unattractive udead troglidite. Why are they doing this?  Edward's supposed to be ZOMG TEH HOTNESS. Also: why do they hate Robert Pattinson? He's cute and handsome. Are they trying to make him look as horrid as possible?

God, I cannot wait.

Project Fucking Runway What the Fuck

You know the drill.

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Today's been kinda meh. This weekend's looking busy as HELL though.

No One Expects the Westboro Inquisition

I am confused.

Reading through the school newspaper today, I saw an op-ed article by the lovely Theresa who I haven't seen in ages. She was writing about how apparently the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to protest at the Parade of Gold? They apparently had signs that said "God Hates Michael Phelps."
Why? I don't get it. The parade was to honor Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff for winning lots of metals {so much so that if Towson split from the union, we'd have the 16th most metals in the world}. It had nothing to do with the war or the LGBT community or the Swiss.

So. Why? I looked it up on their website I couldn't find anything.
I guess this is just another incident that goes to show that Westboro finds whatever happens to be popular/celebrated/talked about and decides that god hates whatever it is. And they looooooooove publicity.
But don't they usually have a stated reason for rolling out the hate parade?
So, Biden's kind of my hero right now. Palin's obviously been coached within an inch of becoming a rolodex of party lines {and has managed to say nothing terribly or laughably stupid, which: surprise!}, but Biden is being completely blunt in calling her out for her side-stepping. And he's not mincing words! I'm so excited! I mean, it's not a total steam-rolling, but I'd wager that Biden's coming out on top in this one.

I'm disappointed that Obama/Biden aren't pro gay marriage
, NEVERMIND. They only oppose it because, as Jocey so rightly informed me, "Biden and Obama said they were against gay marriage only because marriage is a term used for those of the Christian faith. technically, anyone 'married' not in the Christian/Catholic faith all have civil unions." So really, what it seems then, that they're saying that marriage as a religious insitution that can't and shouldn't be dictated by law. But the law can and SHOULD control and influence civil unions. Which is fair. I don't think the government should dictate to the faiths about allowing or disallowing gay marriage.
And  I am happy that they support equal civil/spousal rights which is more than I can say about McCain/Palin. Palin seems to really want to come across as at least somewhat pro-gay, but she side-stepped Biden's question about whether she supports equal spousal rights for civil unions. And I'm glad that gay rights were discussed. It was nice to see. I'd like to see more, sure, but the three big issues of the campaign seem to be the economy, healthcare and the war and gay rights isn't the only issue being back-burnered. C'est la vie.

I'm irritated about Palin's "Joe Six-Pack" comment. I am so tired of her approach to everything being, "Anyone can be the VP!" Yeah, I guess, but do we really want Joe Six-Pack to be a leader of our country? We want the best of the best! We want the best educated people! I mean, I get why she's trying to pull this populist, common man stuff, but really? Do we want her vision of "common man" to lead us?

Also? Palin, cut the "doggonit" folksy, cutesy bullshit. Just stop it. It's so annoying and frivolous and you just do it to get out of tough questions. ALSO? SHE HAD TO BE EXPLAINED WHAT THE VP DOES. I mean, she said she was kidding, but would that really be surprising? The fact that she had to "cram" so to speak for this debate just speaks to the fact that she is entirely unprepared and unfit. It's not an exam. It's the second highest political office in the country.

What A Fucking Tease

Project tonight. Let's discuss.

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Second Best

So. Let's talk about Project Runway tonight.

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These Things, They Scare Me

I'm usually quite clueless when it comes to economic matters, so I generally stay out of them.
But this bail-out plan being discussed seems to cross the line into a larger issue.

Basically, the situation, as I understand it, is this: our stock market is shaking on the edge of disaster and to help this problem, Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson has asked for $700 billion to help bail out the banking companies. Here's the caveat: he wants the money, no strings attached, all actions un-reviewable.

Are you fucking serious? He wants a berth that huge? I'd think with that much money in question, there should be TONS of accountability and a completely articulated and detailed plan so maybe we can know what he plans to do with the oceans of our that money he wants.

And the way Paulson's saying that everything needs to happen now, fast and now, it reminds me a lot of an episode of The Office. Stanley mouthed off to Michael and Michael was looking for ways of dealing with it. Dwight swooped in with this solution that put Dwight in total control of everyone and everything. He presented it and kept repeating, "Do it. Give me authority. Don't think. Do it. Do it."

That's what this feels like.
Just with 700 billion tax-dollars.

This really scares me.

Unrelatedly, Faith, I'll call you after classes. I got your message and we should catch up and stuff. Because you're awesome and sexy and mrowr.♥